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Gold Recycling - Common Questions and Answers About Recycling Gold

Is the GoldKit® gold recycling package free?
Yes. The GoldKit is absolutely free upon your request. There is no obligation once you receive your gold recycling kit.


How do I use the GoldKit gold recycling envelope?
Your GoldKit will arrive at the address you have provided in a standard business envelope. It includes three components:

All you need to do is fill out the form, put your gold items in the bag, put the form and bag in the envelope and put it in the mail. Postage and insurance* are covered by us.


Is the GoldKit insured if it gets lost?
Yes, each customer's GoldKit is insured while traveling through the US Mail and while in the custody of The insurance maximum per GoldKit gold recycling envelope is $100.00 as described in ourTerms and Conditions.* If you believe your gold is worth more than $100.00, we recommend that you insure your shipment for more at your own expense using any carrier you choose.


You state "24 Hour Payment." What do you mean?
We mean that upon arrival of your GoldKit, the processing and issuing of a check will be completed within 24 hours. Keep in mind that the GoldKit will be traveling to us via First Class US Mail, which could take up to 7 business days or more, depending upon where you live. And it could take a similar amount of time for our payment check to travel back to you.


How do I know you received my GoldKit?
After about 7 business days from the time you send in your GoldKit, we invite you to phone our Customer Assistance number at 1-800-538-8188 for a status lookup in our computer tracking system. You may also track your shipment using our online tracking system.


How much will you pay for my gold?
The payment we issue for each GoldKit we receive is different, depending upon the contents. To understand how we determine payment amounts, see What We Pay for Gold, In the many years we've been in business, the vast majority of our customers have been happy with their checks. Anyone who's not happy is invited to return our check pursuant to the terms of the GoldKit Terms & Conditions, and we will return the material that was sent to us.*


What if I am not satisfied with your payment amount?
If for any reason you are not happy with our payment for your recycled gold material, you are invited to receive your material back insured* at our expense. We simply ask that you return our check pursuant to the terms of the GoldKit Terms & Conditions.*


I'm still not sure! Can you contact me before issuing my check?
Yes! We would be happy to phone you and describe your pending payment amount for your authorization. We simply ask that you write "Please Call With Quote" on the receipt that is included with your shipment.


What if the GoldKit is too small to hold all of my items?
Many consumers and jewelers have a quantity of scrap gold that is too much to fit inside our GoldKit. If this is your situation, simply call our Customer Assistance number at 1-800-538-8188 and request a Safe-Pak, which is much larger than a GoldKit. You will have to prepay the postage and insurance with a Safe-Pak.


Can I use my own packaging?
Yes. In fact this will speed up the process, because you won't have to wait for our GoldKit. Learn how toship your items without a GoldKit gold pack.


What if I'm not sure something is made of gold?
You can send us any items that look like they are gold. Our staff will determine whether they are actually gold and pay accordingly. If the items are not gold, they will be computed as gold-filled material and yield fractional amounts, which you will also be paid for. Please do not include anything you know is costume or gold plated.

*See terms and conditions for maximum liability.


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