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How Selling Gold Online Works

Selling gold online for cash is secure, fast, and easy at 1-800-GoldKit® . Satisfaction Guaranteed.*

Selling gold jewelry and selling gold coins online works like this:

If you've been thinking about selling gold jewelry and selling gold coins, but haven't found the right place – look no further. Selling gold online is easy, convenient, and safe at Just follow our simple steps, and experience selling gold jewelry and gold coins the 1-800-GoldKit way: where selling gold jewelry is easy, secure, and hassle-free.

Selling Price of Gold Coins

You might also be wondering about the selling price of a gold coin. When we offer to buy your gold coins, we'll tell you how much we can pay for them. The selling price of a gold coin depends on many different factors. Just follow our easy, safe, hassle-free steps and find out the selling price of gold coins from our experts. is an experienced US gold coin buyer.

NOTE: If you don't want to wait for our free mailing kit, you can ship your coins and jewelry items without a 1800GoldKit.comgold pack.


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