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Safer than a Pawn Shop

Why is selling gold to 1-800-GoldKit safer and more convenient than selling to a pawn shop?

Now is a great time to get cash for recycling your old or broken jewelry, gold coins, or even a gold tooth. But the smart—and safe—way to sell your gold is NOT at a pawn shop, it's selling online with 1-800-GoldKit®.

With 1-800-GoldKit, you can sell your gold online through our trusted gold experts from the comfort of your own home. No need to risk going to a pawn shop in an unfamiliar, less-than-desirable neighborhood (remember, you will walk in with gold coins or jewelry and walk out with cash!).

At 1-800-GoldKit, our expert jewelers have years of experience appraising gold jewelry. They are trained to carefully inspect your gold jewelry items. Can you trust the guy at the pawn shop to understand the gold recycling market? Can you trust him to want to give you the best deal?

Where will you get the most cash?

It's simple: 1-800-GoldKit recycles to a large, global pool of competing gold buyers, so we can offer you the best prices. Pawn shops deal with just a few local customers, which means less cash for you.

Warm, friendly service

Online doesn't mean impersonal. 1-800-GoldKit prides itself on providing outstanding customer service—the dedicated attention you deserve from experienced professionals you can trust. We are delighted to discuss the appraisal of your gold items by phone once we receive them. We will never request financial information from you. And safeguards are in place to ensure that any information you give us is extremely secure.

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