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The top 4 reasons to use GoldKit to get cash for your gold:

1. Trust: 1-800-GoldKit® prides itself in offering fair dealings with our customers. If you are not pleased with the cash offer we make, we will gladly return your items to you. GoldKit has worked hard to build a reputation for providing outstanding customer service—the dedicated attention you deserve from experienced professionals.

2. Security: 1-800-GoldKit provides you our exclusively-designed mailing kit for sending your gold safely and securely through the US Mail.

3. Ease: Our process is the simple and proven way to quickly get cash for your unwanted gold within 24 hours

4. Flexibility: You can use your own packing and shipping means to send us your gold if you prefer. If you change your mind about selling your gold, we will return it promptly.

The 4 sources of gold for cash around your house:

1. You'll never get around to it. How many broken earrings or tangled gold chains are lying around? How long have you been telling yourself you'll get them fixed someday?

2. It won't come back in style. If you haven't worn a piece of jewelry in the past 4 years, you probably never will wear it again. Get cash for that outdated gold jewelry.

3. Thanks for the memories. Keeping an engagement or wedding ring from your ex? Still have your high school class ring, collecting dust? Saving a service pin or an ugly bracelet just because it was a gift? Treat yourself to something you really want or need with cash for that gold.

4. Coins may be worth more. Most gold coins from foreign countries are now worth more cash for gold than the monetary face value.

Get cash for gold in 4 easy steps:

1. Request a free, secure GoldKit®
2. Send in your unwanted gold items to be appraised
3. Get a cash quote from our trained experts
4. Receive a check mailed within 24 hours


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